All principles and procedures of Doping Ice Cream Cafe are in accordance with the laws of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the law of electronic commerce and the law of consumer protection, and the user is obliged to comply with the relevant laws. Any possible updates to the rules below will be posted on this page, and using the Doping Ice Cream Café means accepting the latest version of the existing rules. Dear ones, you can find out about the goods and services of the store by visiting the site or using the mobile application, and in order to buy from the Doping Ice Cream Cafe and use its facilities, you must have an account. After registering in the store, your account will be activated and you can enjoy a pleasant and easy shopping experience. Login to the account is subject to activation. Activate your account by receiving and applying the activation code that is sent to you via SMS or the official email of Doping Ice Cream Cafe. It is possible to place an order in the Doping Ice Cream Café from 8 am to 1 am. The ordered product will reach the customer within a maximum of 1 hour from the time of the final confirmation of the order. There is no limit to the amount and volume of orders from the Doping Ice Cream Café and no shipping costs are charged from the customer. Only in orders less than 30 thousand tomans, the amount of 5000 tomans will be taken as shipping cost. The customer in the Doping Ice Cream Cafe can be sure that the goods are always available. In very rare cases, the end of a product, as soon as support, contacts the customer and assigns the customer. The customer can choose an alternative product, or delete that product, and even cancel the entire order if desired. The amount paid will be returned to the customer’s account on the same business day. Users must complete the order form with the correct and complete information when ordering the desired product. Obviously, in case of incomplete or incorrect information, the customer will be responsible for not delivering it properly and when ordering. If the customer is not present at the place of delivery of the order at the selected time, immediately inform the support department of Doping Ice Cream Cafe. By announcing the order code, Doping Ice Cream Cafe tries to send you the order at another time of your choice. However, in the absence of the customer, Doping Ice Cream Cafe reserves the right to choose another time period and receive shipping costs. If you have any problems in the order registration process or need help, you can contact the support department. Registration of order in Doping Ice Cream Cafe is only through the site and mobile application and no other way is accepted. Customers can place an order for themselves and others. This is done in the delivery address field. In this case, the postal code must be entered in the address and the recipient of the order must have an ID card when receiving the goods. If the customer cancels the purchase, he must register his cancellation in the user panel as soon as possible before sending the order (which will be displayed). In this case, it is possible to cancel or change the order. In case of repeated cancellation of the order, absence at the specified time or incorrect information at the time of order validation, Doping Ice Cream Cafe reserves the right to cancel the user’s subscription. As soon as you accept your membership in the site of Doping Ice Cream Cafe, your membership indicates the acceptance of all the rules and regulations of the site and you are committed to respect and abide by these rules.